Thai Take Away’s

Thai Take Away’s


If this were a more risqué web site you might imagine from the title of this post that it has something to do with a term coined to describe a particular uniqueness of night life in Thailand. Actually, I will let other interesting authors as Stickman provide more information about this, and I will stick (no pun intended), at least for the most part, to golf and golf travel.

Note to all, in case you are wondering, the guy at the left is NOT me! I found this picture at this great golf instruction site and there is even a mini video available for down load on the topic under discussion.

Now on to today’s post.

An extremely critical part of every golf swing is the take away, the action at the very start of the swing in which the hands take the club back and the swing begins to take its form.

This is what must happen in the take away in order for you to have any chance of making a consistently good shot.  First, the club must be taken back neither by the left hand nor the right hand but by both hands, working together.  The club must be taken back neither outside nor inside but straight back, right on the line of flight. The arms should be just a little short of extended, sort of semi-relaxed, as opposed to being overextended, pushed out, or tensed up.  The last error is a common mistake of beginners and "macho" golfers alike.

If you start the swing with a correct take away, the changes of making a good shot is very high.  You will automatically fall into a correct position at the top of the back swing, and knowing this helps you eliminate the thinking you would otherwise do about attaining that correct position at the top. In a few words, then, correct take away is the key, as I see it, to simplifying the complicated business of starting on your way to a sound and consistently great golf swing.

Use this tip as your swing thought for you next round and let me know how it works out.

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