Secrets About Playing Golf on Holiday in Thailand (Part 2)

Secrets About Playing Golf on Holiday in Thailand (Part 2)

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post which gives some secrets and tips on playing golf and taking a golf holiday Thailand.

In order to hopefully make your holiday more enjoyable, there are a three more guidelines I can suggest to anyone planning a golf holiday in Thailand, based on the knowledge I have as a regular golfer living in Thailand.

1. Don’t be mislead that the only time to play golf in Thailand is during the peak tourist season during Nov – Mar. Although April & May can get a bit hot, there is still much golf to be enjoyed, and the rest of the year still provides ample opportunity to golf. However, you must be aware that during the summer months there are often daily showers of rain. The courses are much quieter during this period than the peak season, and the daily showers should not overly affect your game. Simply take a bit of shelter and relax, then within 30 minutes the rain will stop and you will be able to resume play. In my 15 years of coming to Thailand I have only faced one cancellation due to rain, and this includes playing year round throughout the so-called rainy season.

2. During peak season, certainly try to avoid playing on the weekends as the courses can become very busy as this is when the locals and we expatriates like to get out on the course during our only free time. This is particularly true in Bangkok where most expatiates and locals work. The other tourist areas show less of a weekend peak, but may charge higher green fees nevertheless.

3. Try to avoid playing during midday, especially during the summer months. By teeing off early morning, or early afternoon, you will not be affected by the heat so much. In the peak season, it is not so much of an issue as the weather is much cooler, but still warm.

Remember, by using a reputable golf travel agent, they will have an abundance of experience of what is best for your golf holiday. Ask as much information as possible in order to get the most from organizing your holiday.

We at Golfasian are known as the Thaiiland golf exters because we always make a point to share our experiences and match course recommendations to everyone’s individual preferences. If you are even thinking about playing golf on holiday, drop us an email and irregardless if you choose to book with us or play your own, we will be glad to help all fellow golfers.

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