Secrets About Playing Golf on Holiday in Thailand (Part 1)

Secrets About Playing Golf on Holiday in Thailand (Part 1)

As an expatriate living and working in Thailand, there are a number of advantages that we have as golfers over someone visiting from outside the country. In this article I would like to share some of these insider golf playing ‘secrets’.

Obviously, both as a frequent golfer, and by socializing regularly with fellow golfers, you soon learn the ‘secrets’ of many aspects of better golf in Thailand. This could be simple things as which golf courses are the best values for money, and which are most convenient and enjoyable to play.

Read about all there and other secrets in the continuation of this post.

For example, some courses may be particularly busy during certain periods; others may be a bit quieter. Some courses are renowned for having excellent caddies; others may have issues with the management of the course, which can inevitably lead to many problems. All of these factors are important to both expatriates living in Thailand who wants to enjoy their golf, and to the visiting tourist who wants value for money during their Thailand golf holiday.

For sure, there are a number of favorite courses in each of the popular golf locations that the tour companies will recommend, usually based on the biggest discount they can get at these courses. but there are also a number of well less publicized hidden gems throughout Thailand, that as an expatriate living here that I have found over the course of time. A travel agent will tend to recommend the main courses located closest to your hotel, to keep their travel costs to a minimum. However, you must remember that nearly all agents will be doing this so effectively, as a visiting golfer, you will be playing a selection of many of the same courses as other visiting tourists. Over the last few years I have discovered some great courses that are located maybe 30 minutes further out of town, in a bit more remote areas of the country, and well worth the additional travel time it takes to get to them.

These courses are much quieter and provide great value for money as the green fees tend to also be less expensive. Next time you are dealing with an agent, be sure to insist on information about any such courses.

I will post other important and interesting golf playing secrets tomorrow in Part 2 of this article.

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