No More Chili Dips

No More Chili Dips

With the ground often being soft and "mushy" here in Thailand, clean ball striking when chipping is very important.

This is a tip I was sent from Richard Meyers who writes the "Think and Reach Par" weekly tips newsletter. It has helped my chipping and totally eliminated my prior tendency to "chili dip" and "skull" my short shots. I estimate that most high handicappers can shave of 2-4 shots per round off their score by following this easy to implement and dramatically effective chipping improvement tip.

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When it comes to chip shots, it seems that practically every golfer has an inborn fear he won’t give the ball enough loft. He wants to see that ball travel in a high arc, so he sets his weight  back of the club head at the moment of impact. The result is that his body try’s to execute a upward convulsive scooping motion to hit the ball. Instead of lifting the ball in a crisp arc, he is lucky if he doesn’t hit way  behind it or skull it over the green.

To correct these faults, first make sure your left wrist is straight and on a line with the shaft. Then, when you swing, the  key thing to remember is the hands, not the wrists. The back-swing uses both hands evenly, with a certain amount of play in  the wrists.  So does the downswing. The hands lead the club head slightly. At impact you should feel yourself striking down  and through the ball. This action may at first give you the sensation that you are closing the club head, but actually you are just giving yourself a chance to follow through in a straight line  that follows the course of the ball. The loft of the club head will supply all the loft you need and your ball direction will be exactly in the way you envisioned.

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