The Thailand Waggle

The Thailand Waggle

Waggling consists of moving the club back and forth before striking the ball. You see it most often on the tee, although professional players use it on other parts of the course as well. To produce the waggle, you need to lighten up on your grip and arms. It is also a good antidote for players who tend to "freeze" over the ball or who start the back swing too early.
Waggling is a technique professional golfers, such as Arnold Palmer, often use to relieve tension. Palmer, for example, gives the club that one final, aggressive waggle before launching his shot. The key is making sure the waggle mirrors the intended path of the swing.  But waggling can do something else as well. It can serve as a swing trigger, encouraging a smooth first move away from the ball.
The swing trigger illustrates the idea that it’s easier to perpetuate motion than it is to start it.
Try experimenting with the waggle. Developing an effective one can make a difference in your golf handicap.

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