Thailand Top Shots: 5 Keys and 1 Drill To Avoid Topping the Ball

Thailand Top Shots: 5 Keys and 1 Drill To Avoid Topping the Ball

Top_shot_thailand In Thailand golf and on holiday nothing is more embarrassing and frustrating than topping the ball on the golf course. This is a common fault of many golfers in Thailand on holiday as they may have not practiced nor played much during the winter months at home. If you top the ball or hit it thin, it’s because you’re hitting the ball on the upswing, most often caused by trying to either scoop or lift the ball.

To eliminate topping you must remember that golf is a game of opposites. If you want to hit the ball up you have to swing down, especially when it comes to a fairway wood or a hybrid club.

Here are 5 keys to eliminate topped shots:
•  Address the ball with a normal stance
•  Position the ball inside your left heel
•  Use a one-piece takeaway
•  Use a descending blow
•  Finish in balance

To eliminate topped shots while golfing in Thailand address the ball as you normally would, but make sure the ball is no further forward than the inside of your left heel. This is the base of your swing arc. Positioning the ball back in your stance enables you to make contact at the lowest point of your swing. Use a one-piece takeaway and strike the ball with a descending blow. Finish in balance.

Now, here is a great practice routine that I have used on the range before a round that will completely eliminate topping the ball. It is the “two tee drill”.

Put a tee in the spot you would normally use for a fairway wood. Instead of hitting from that tee, place another tee with a ball two inches behind the empty tee in front. As you hit a few shots focus on grazing the empty tee after you make contact with the ball. Repeat several times. As you practice,
you’ll see your shots gaining more and more height.

After practicing with the fairway wood, try other clubs requiring a descending-to-level blow for consistent contact, such as hybrids, irons, and wedges. With hybrids, separate the tees one to two inches apart. With irons and wedges, an inch apart.

As you practice, you’ll see the number of top balls or thin shots dwindle. Eventually, the topped shot will make its way out of your repertoire altogether.

Let me know how this works for you by either posting a comment or emailing me at my Thailand golf vacation company.

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  1. Having just returned from golf in Thailand I can vouch for the necessity of being able to hit down. The ball does not sit up on the grass as in other areas but has a tendency to settle in the sand base. Think of playing your round out of a divot. If you do top it don’t lose it, laugh and move on to the next shot. Enjoy and remember it is still called a game!!!

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