Putting When Golfing In Thailand

Putting When Golfing In Thailand

Thailand_golf_puttingI have spent a lot of time watching golfers putt when golfing in Thailand. I have seen some excellent golfers putt with one hand, and I have seen some terrible golfers putt with the smoothest stroke you can imagine. Now, I have some definite ideas on putting in Thailand based on what I have seen and what works best for me.

Try the same grip as you use for all other shots, in other words what come natural and feels comfortable to you. Take a wide stance and set up with a firm tripod-like foundation. With a narrow stance, there’s a tendency to sway off the ball and this leads to inconsistency. A wider stance promotes balance.

The less you break your wrists, the fewer margins there are for error. Therefore, try to hit the putt rather than stroke it.  I know this is counter intuitive, but it works! Then, play the ball just slightly forward of center; an inch or two forward will do the trick.

Stand with your left elbow well out and riding very high. The right elbow is kept close in to the right side; in that position it restricts taking the putter back too far. Start the stroke by pushing the left elbow back. This movement of the elbow feels like an imaginary hand is pushing it back.

The method works because the elbow (and the putter head) goes back on a very straight line from the ball. On the forward part of the putting stroke, try to return the putter head to the same position it had at address, once again keeping everything square to the ball.

That is all there is to it!

So next time you are golfing in Thailand, ask your caddie to read the line, pick out a target to aim at and try this putting method. I can almost see those 15 footers at Thai Country Club or Red Mountain dropping in the hole for birdie!

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