Thailand Golf Holiday Tips

Thailand Golf Holiday Tips

Santiburi_samui_golf_club.jpgHere’s are 5 ways to get the most from your Thailand golf tour.

1) When you go to the courses be sure to take sunscreen, a hat and umbrella (as much for protection from the sun as any rain that might fall – the umbrella can make it feel several degrees cooler on a hot sunny day).

2) Take a change of clothes along to the courses and plan to use the locker room.  Every Thailand golf course will give you a private locker with a key and also a clean towel on arrival.  All the better Thailand golf courses have very nice locker rooms with private shower/changing stalls.  A shower and change of clothes after playing on a hot day is very refreshing. 

At many courses the locker room staff can also clean and polish your golf shoes while you are showering and changing – they don’t charge a fee but a tip of 100 baht per golfer is customary for this service (200 baht at the premier clubs like Alpine Golf Club, Banyan Golf Club, Blue Canyon Country Club, and Thai Country Club).  The locker room staff will also provide plastic bags that you can use for your shoes and/or soiled clothes.

3) Thai caddies are there to both serve you and make sure things run smoothly on the course.  They have pull carts for your clubs or they will ride on the back of, or drive, your cart.  In addition to providing and cleaning your clubs, they will guide you around the course, rake bunkers, provide yardage, look for lost balls, mark and clean your golf ball, read the line of your putt, and tend the flag; all with a big Thai smile. They rely on tip income, work hard for a living and should be treated with respect.  I recommend a tip of 300 baht after the round or 400-500 baht if excellent.

4) Feel free to have a drink or two and something to eat after your round; Thai golf courses have excellent and inexpensive restaurants and bars that serve local and western favorites.

5) You are on a golf holiday, so above all else… have fun! 

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