Golf Glove Tip For Thailand

Golf Glove Tip For Thailand

Thailand_golf_gloveDoes your golf glove become slick when you golf in Thailand; sometimes causing your club to slip during your swing?

I know mine does and so do many golfers on holiday in Thailand. Short of carrying a series of golf gloves with you and changing to a new one each hole, which can be very expensive, what can you do?

I saw a golfer at Banyan Golf Club in Hua Hin do this and thought to share the golf tip with you. It is a good tip for when you play golf in Thailand. Whether it be high over the jungle at Santiburi Samui Golf Club or on a lowlands course like Laguna Phuket Golf Club, if your hands in hot weather get sweaty and you find it hard to grip the club when you swing then here’s a simple solution.

Every hole or two simply get some sand from a bunker and rub it on your
hands and on your grips. This will help to absorb the sweat and it will
do it much better than a towel will to keep a firm golf grip. Doing
this will make your glove last longer too!

So do this the next time you’re in Thailand golfing in hot, humid conditions. Because there’s nothing worse than going to play a golf shot and having your hands feel as though they are going to slip on the golf grip, is there? Try it and I bet it will save you at least 2-3 errant shots a round, not to mention the extra glove costs which now can be put to good use for a couple of after round Singha’s to drink while boasting about your improved score!

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  1. I have found carrying 2/3 gloves of thnner material useful by hanging the sweaty one after 4/5 holes on to the handle of the golf bag or where it gets sun as one does the rounds.

  2. Once I got away from Red Mountain the rest of the golf in Phuket was much better priced. I have golfing in Phuket for 10 years and very rarely go to the upmarket courses unless I have to. Phuket is a big place and there are many good choices for golf.

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