The biggest hassle about golf in Thailand…and how to overcome it.

The biggest hassle about golf in Thailand…and how to overcome it.

Thailand GolfFor many golfers, relaxing on the couch for a weekend of watching sports is one of life’s simple pleasures. Most gladly sit for hours, replenished with suitable liquids and sustenance (beer and chips), watching their favorite teams or players duel it out.

Yet I bet when you tell your golfing buddies that you want to travel to golf in Thailand, one of the first questions you get is, “how long is the flying time”?   Irrespective on where you are coming, the answer is more than likely “it’s long” – anywhere from 10 to 20 hours in the air.  On the other hand, considering how long you watch sports each weekend, it’s not that long. More importantly, once you land I can bet you the hassle of the flight is more than worth it.

Here are a few simple measures that you can take t make the journey comfortable and even enjoyable.

1.    Have a good state of mind – think of the plane ride as time for you to relax, catch-up on some reading, watch a few movies in your own private space and sleep.  Not that much different from being on your couch.

2.    Prepare properly – carry your own blanket, pillow and slippers. Also take your iPod and a set of noise reducing head phones (a priceless investment). Bring a comfortable of clothes just for the ride – sweats are always good.

3.    Upgrade – use those miles you have saved up over the years. While not possible all the time, a good option is to book the Economy Plus class of the airline you are flying with. This class has good seats and extra space, but without the extra fancy meals. The money for the upgrade is well worth it.

4.    Join the Club – most airlines allow you to join just for the day at very reasonable cost. If your trip involves a stop somewhere, get to the lounge and take advantage of the facilities. Most have full showers, nice food, free drinks and this is a great way to unwind and break up the trip.

Once the airplane ride is over and you land refreshed, you are ready for Bangkok!  Your private driver will meet you and whisk you to your hotel. After your first Thai meal and a relaxing Thai massage, the trip to golf in Thailand will be but a distant memory. Moreover, now you are ready for some great golf in Bangkok, Phuket, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, or Pattaya and everything else that amazing golf Thailand has to offer.

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