Straight Driving For Thailand Golfing

Straight Driving For Thailand Golfing

Lee Westwood At Thailand Golf ChampionshipLately I have been taking some golf lessons and I have gone from a controlled fade to a pull hook off the tee. I have begun pulling the ball off the tee. What I want is a straight ball flight so yesterday I went out to Thai Country Club and hit two bags of balls on the range with my driver.

To stop pulling my drives I found that I must swing the club on an in-to-out swing path and/or change the clubface’s position at impact. I was able to do both by implementing one, all, or a combination of the three tips. It was a case of trial and error for me, but these ball straightening cures work wonders.

1. Strengthen the grip: This was my first change. To do that, I moved both hands to the right until I was able to see all the knuckles on the back of my left hand.

2. Roate the body: Next, I moved the overall alignment of my body a little by aiming my feet, hips, and shoulders to the right of the target and by moving the ball back a little in my stance.

3. Close the clubface:  On the takeaway I kept the clubface aiming at the ball for as long as possible before cocking my wrist and turning my shoulders. This swing change had the biggest effect of all and was the single one I went with before heading out on the course.

These tips helped me straighten out my drives. Try them out on the range before heading out for your next round of golf in Thailand.

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