Alpine Golf Club, Bangkok Thailand

Alpine Golf Club, Bangkok Thailand

Alpine_golf_club_bangkok_thailand_hole_4_2Here is a great write up from a Bangkok Thailand golf pro who has just played Alpine Golf and Sports Club for his first time.

Constructed in 1996 and probably the only one of Bangkok’s golf courses that can claim to be hilly, Alpine golf is one of only a handful of member’s only club’s in Thailand. Alpine golf  has already achieved international recognition by hosting the 2000 and 2004 Johnnie Walker Classics won by Tiger Woods and Miguel Angel Jiminez, respectively. The Par 72 layout ranges from 5140 yards (ladies) to 7,100 yards (championship) allowing every standard of golfer to enjoy this spectacularly beautiful course.

With contouring a feature of every hole, the gloriously maintained treed-lined fairways and well-defined lakes make you want to hit a ball from the tee. It is very rare to find a course where every hole presents itself clearly and fairly to the golfer, but this is very definitely the case at Alpine. Risks can be taken and, if pulled off, well rewarded. But, they can also land a golfer in a world of trouble. This makes for a great challenge.

The peace and tranquility of the course make for a very nice change from the hustle and bustle of downtown Bangkok Thailand and the fresh air is also very welcome.

One word of warning – the greens are very very quick and, whilst this is not immediately apparent when looking at a distance of 150 yards or so, the rolling greens make for extremely hazardous downhill putts. Three putting is very common after a misdirected second or third or fourth shot. Take care!

Alpine Golf and Sports Club in definitely the best course in Bangkok, if not all Thailand. Every serious golfer has to consider Alpine Golf a ‘must play’ venue….. Enjoy!

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  1. “”Alpine Golf and Sports Club is definitely the best course in Bangkok, if not all Thailand.””
    Thats a helluva statement ! .
    I cant get past the horrible containment mounding . Is that what you mean by “hilly” ?.
    Best Regards

  2. Spanky
    Thanks for the great comment. I continue to be impressed by your thoughtfulness and will pass on your feedback to the professional who wrote the review.
    Could you let everyone know which course you consider the best in Thailand? Would it be Blue Canyon, Thai Country, or maybe Amata Springs? or maybe you have a couple of favorites that you can share with the readers of the Thailandgolfzone.

  3. Alpine Golf and Sports Club is definitely the best course in Bangkok, if not all Thailand.
    Its a fine course although completly manufactured from the ground up.

  4. Neil,
    Thanks for the comment. But I find it rather generic and pertaining to almost all the great modern golf courses constructed within the past 30 years.
    Most all of today’s championship courses are an architects and players dream. It is like an artist starting with a clean canvas and then creating a masterpiece for aficionados to salivate over.
    All that is required is skills of someone like Ron Garl, Pete Dye, or Robert Trent Jones Jr., and significant amounts of time and money.
    This being said this design approach does not detract from the course excellence, in spite of them being for the most part all man made.
    BTW, all of the Florida, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and Myrtle Beach championship courses fall into this same category. But I still love them as much as the Hawaii or great Scotland legends.

  5. Ron Garland ? , surely you mean Ron Garl ?.
    Oh and Robert Trent Jones died quite a few years back .
    At least you know Pete Dye , right 🙂

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