Thailand Square Club (and Final Coup Story)

Thailand Square Club (and Final Coup Story)

I promised to get back to posting about golf, but before starting today I wanted to make everyone aware of  this great article summarizing the series of events that took place in Bangkok last week and authored by one of my favorite writers. By the way, if you need any more information about the situation in Thailand, you can contact me anytime at my Thailand golf vacation company or just leave a comment.

Now on to to the main post of the day.

Square_club_face Have you ever been on course and hit one that flies directly left or right of the target line and thought to yourself that you should adjust your swing to improve accuracy? Well maybe your swing is not a problem at all and a simple alignment check and adjustment is all that is called for.

However simple and dumb as it may seem, so many of those errant shots are not caused by an imperfect swing, but rather by feet or a body that are not aligned to the target.

I tried this simple but effective tip on course last week and I must have improved my accuracy by 5-10%. No swing thoughts needed at all,  just align and shoot normally!

Here is the practice method:

Place a club on the ground parallel to the intended line of flight so that the club lies between your feet and the ball. Then take your stance so that the toe of each shoe is equidistant from the club. Also align your knees, hips and shoulders so that a line across each parallels the club.

Golf_setup This is a basic "square" stance, which I highly recommend for at least 80-90% of all shots. Such a stance encourages a swing that will bring the club head into the ball exactly along the target line, thus producing maximum accuracy. After some practice with the "target" club on the ground, you will automatically take a properly aligned stance in tournament play, and do not be surprised if you win your next event!

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