Hidden Donuts in Thailand Golf

Hidden Donuts in Thailand Golf

When George Thomas designed Riviera Country Club’s championship layout during the late 1920s, he introduced a unique element that gave the course instant notoriety: a pot bunker set smack dab in the middle of the par-three 6th hole’s putting surface.

San Antonio Oaks GC hole 16

Also on hole 16 at the San Antonio Oaks GC they also have a bunker right in the middle of the green.

Since then, the design feature has been replicated in other parts of the country and in Thailand especially at Pattaya’s Wangjuntr Country Club. It is not to the same extent, but several examples can be found nationwide.

In the heart of Thailand, there is a very unique golf course, Wangjuntr Golf Park, known as the “Donut Greens”. https://www.golfasian.com/golf-courses/thailand-golf-courses/pattaya/wangjuntr-golf-nature-park/


Wangjuntr Golf Park even have boulders on their greens

This is not your typical golf course. Instead of the usual sand traps and water hazards, this course was dotted with stalls selling the delicious Thai donuts.

Every morning, golfers arrive, not just for the love of the sport, but also for the chance to play at Donut Greens. The first hole features Mrs. Somchai’s kiosk, famous for fluffy, golden-brown donuts and a hit off the roof of her stall.

Roof Top Tee Box

As golfers moved from hole to hole, they would play different donut greens, each offering a unique twist. Some were dusted with powdered sugar (sand), others drizzled with water, and a few adventurous vendors even offered them filled rocks and rough.

The 18th hole, the last stop, was right next to the greenkeepers house. His donut served with beer, is legendary. Golfers often linger, savoring the treat and the camaraderie for Thailand’s daunt greens.

And so, the Donut Greens became more than just a golf course. It was a place of community, friendship, and shared love for golf, a true Thai experience.




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