2014 New Thailand Golf Courses

Nikanti Golf Club

Oftentimes I get asked about the supply and demand of the Thai golf courses. While I am no expert about the economics of golf courses and the Thai golf industry is some 20-30 years old, new golf courses are still coming online at a rate of around 5 per year. Some of these projects are […]

Laguna Phuket Golf Club Update

Laguna Phuket Golf Club

The recently redesigned Laguna Phuket Golf Club is both a strategic and memorable golf experience. The redesign by golf course architect Paul Jansen has highlighted the character of the existing property making for a memorable golf experience. Golfers are now asked to think their way around the golf course as each hole offers a multitude […]

Siam Country Club, Waterside – Comparison With Old and Plantation Courses

Siam Country Club Waterside Course

Most golfers in Pattaya agree that the Siam Country Club Old Course and Siam Country Club Plantation Course are the two best golf courses in Pattaya. However, if there are any complaints about the two courses, it is that they are both quite difficult for high handicap golfers. Around the greens it is not uncommon […]

Is Koh Samui Golf For Real?

Major golf destinations share several things in common. They include, 1.    Three or more golf courses of international standard 2.    A range of golf resorts to accommodate all levels of price and luxury 3.    Easy to get to/from 4.    Reasonable prices 5.    Non-golf activities such as cultural, gastronomic, spa, and/or beaches Koh Samui has technically […]

Will Khao Yai become Thailand’s Newest Golf Destination?

Mountain Creek Golf

Khao Yai, relatively unknown outside of Thailand golfers,  is a mere 2 hours from Bangkok and is the home of Thailand’s second largest national park. Will this area develop into a full-fledged golf destination for tourists? The short answer is maybe and here are the reasons why and why not.

2 Phuket Golf Courses Are Sisters

Loch Palm

Although sister courses, the only thing in common about Loch Palm Golf Club and Red Mountain Golf Club is the common drive way entrance and pedigree. Owned by MBK (the same company who owns the famous Bangkok shopping center), each of these two Phuket golf courses presents itself to the visiting golfer in very different […]

Pattana Golf Resort

Pattana Golf Resort

It is very rare these days that I get to play a new course in my own backyard. Therefore, when my golfing buddies suggested playing at Pattana Golf Resort in Pattaya, I jumped at the change with much excitement. Pattana is a bit out of the way as getting to the course involved around a […]

Where To Golf In Thailand – A City Or A Resort?

Siam Country Club

Thailand has 5 main golf destinations, two are cities (Bangkok and Chiang Mai) and three are beach resorts (Hua Hin, Pattaya, and Phuket). Bangkok is home to over 10 million residents. However, it’s safe to say that Bangkok has the most golf courses of any destination in Thailand. There are 60 golf courses located within […]

Golf Holiday Destination Thailand

Why golf in Thailand?   Thailand is probably the most spectacular golfing destination in the world, the beauty of her golf courses expresses it all.  We have lush greenery year round with palm trees and every other type of tropical flora and flowers creating a feast for the eyes.  Beautiful lakes and waterways, birds you’ve never […]

Thailand Golf Resorts Offer Unlimited Golf Packages

Mission Hills Phuket

Nowadays golf resorts like Mission Hills Phuket and Bangkok Golf Club are offering unlimited golf holiday packages. These golf vacations are nothing new, but in fact they may be only a ploy to lure visitors to less than ideal courses. Think about it, there are only 12 hours of daylight in Thailand and the weather […]