Thailand Golf Resorts Offer Unlimited Golf Packages

Mission Hills Phuket

Thailand Golf Resorts Offer Unlimited Golf Packages

Thailand Golf Resorts
Mission Hills Phuket

Nowadays golf resorts like Mission Hills Phuket and Bangkok Golf Club are offering unlimited golf holiday packages. These golf vacations are nothing new, but in fact they may be only a ploy to lure visitors to less than ideal courses.

Think about it, there are only 12 hours of daylight in Thailand and the weather is generally hot and humid all year long. Therefore, how many round of golf can you play in a day?
For most of us it is only two, and this is waking up very early and pushing it. So an unlimited golf package is in reality a 36-hole a day deal.

And then there are the onerous the terms and conditions so that that every resort puts on their “unlimited” golf packages.

For instance, you may see stipulations that “free,” replay rounds:
•    Are only available on a space available basis
•    May only be for a 9-hole replay
•    Are only valid on the course you paid to play
•    Are not available on the area’s top courses
•    Have certain time of the year restrictions
•    Do not include mandatory golf cart and caddie fees
•    Must be played on the same day as the paid round
•    Must be played during certain times of day

If you can live with the terms then an unlimited golf deal may represent a good value for you.  Just be sure to read the fine print and ask lots of questions before you book anything. Better yet, ask a local tour operator for advice and factor in his/her information.

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