Thailand Back Breaker or Great Golf Tip To Ensure Consistency?

Thailand Back Breaker or Great Golf Tip To Ensure Consistency?

Golf_spine_angleHere is a tip I came across on a French golf medical blog that had done great things to improve my game. I have taken the liberty to translate the most important aspects of the tip and I urge everyone to give this some thoughts and try it our next time you are on the range or course. Let me know how it works for you. 

Playing with a straight spine and back angle is an important fundamental  and something that is literally the glue of swing theory.  Whether you are 5 yards form the green or teeing off, playing with a straight spine and back will ensure that you swing on a consistent plane every time you set over the golf ball. The following are three reasons why a straight back is essential for you to see success out on the course:

1. Gives you a fixed position to start from – every time

2. Allows for the club to travel on a consistent plane If you are hunched over (golfers that are hunched over at the ball usually are not aware) your swing plane is consistently changing due the level that your body is over the ball.  This leads to many inconsistent shots (Especially the short ones from around the green).

3. Minimizes hitting behind the ball or hitting the ball thin This is a big problem for most golfers.  If you haven’t played for weeks and you find yourself not making solid contact, the 1st fundamental that should go through your mind is: "Is my back straight at set-up and throughout the shot"?

When I first stared to think about and practice straightening my spine angle it felt very strange, because I never played that way.  But trust me, maintaining a straight spine throughout the swing will do wonders for your consistency.  It also lead me to be able to have better impact with the ball.

The main point that I want to communicate is that there are many factors in Thailand golf that you can’t control.  For example: course conditions, weather, and course difficulty.  However, one aspect of your golf swing that can be constant and unchanging is your spine angle at set-up.  So play golf this way and you will begin to develop consistency, and confidence, I did and I promise it will work for you too!

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