Thailand Golf Gloves

Thailand Golf Gloves

Use Thailand Golf GloveOne of the most important but overlooked pieces of golf equipment in Thailand is the glove.  With hot and oftentimes sweaty tropical weather conditions the only thing stopping a golf club from flying out of a Thailand golfers hand is the glove. If the glove is wet or slick, it will not grip the club and a mishit is very likely.

Moreover, one of the most important parts of a good Thailand golf swing is the grip. That comes as no surprise. If a Thai golfers grip is off, then the swing will probably be off.  I see many golfers in Thailand slice, hook, and otherwise mishit the ball. That's because their hands are the prime mover of the shaft and the controller of the clubface. If the hands aren't doing their job, a poor shot will always result.

How can you tell if your glove is correct? I recommend an all-weather type that does not get slippery when wet, or at least holds some of its tackiness.  Sometimes I use 3-4 gloves during a round alternating between gloves to keep them dry and fresh. Moreover,  I always check the wear patterns on my golf glove.
Here are three common wear patterns and what it means to my golf swing.

1.    Worn-out palm: A worn-out palm is the most common wear pattern. It's caused when I hold the club in my palm instead of beneath the heel pad of the thumb and fingers. When I do this it leads to a slice or a lack of distance.

2.    Thumb tear: A thumb tear is usually caused by one of two things. That is either poor thumb placement or incorrect pressure between the thumb and club, resulting in a loss of control.

3.    Index finger wear: An index-finger wear pattern indicates a poor connection between my hands. When I use an overlapping grip, my right hand's pinkie finger digs into my left hand's knuckle.

My glove is key good golfing in Thailand.  Using new gloves and rotating them thought the round helps allot. Using a good grip also helps my swing and score. I monitor the wear patterns on my glove and make adjustments to for longer straighter shots. Try the same and I bet you will improve your score and have more enjoyment golfing in Thailand.

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