How To Score Well Golfing In Thailand?

How To Score Well Golfing In Thailand?

Thailand_putting_green When golfing in Thailand it seems like everybody has different thoughts on how to begin a hole.  Many Thailand golfer holidaymakers put everything into their tee shot, practically ungluing themselves every time they tee off. Lady golfers in Bangkok worried about their slice, so they take a lot off of their tee shots and rely on their hybrids.

For the “so-called” professional golfers visiting Phuket, it is a heavy concentration on mechanics.  However, no matter which option you chose when golfing in Thailand, you end up with one shot to finish the hole – the lowly putt.

Why do most golfers in Thailand not look forward to putting?  Everyone knows the old expression, "Drive for show, putt for dough," so why has this not been learned?  Simply put, the putt is not sexy.

No one says "Wow!" when you make a routine putt, but 300-yard drives that is something.  What is your score at the end of the golf day based on?  Sure, you hit 18 tee shots and a fair number of irons, but unless you chip divinely, you are probably going to hit at least 18 putts on every golf Thailand golf course.

Therefore, it stands to reason that if you want to score well when golfing in Thailand, you should focus on your putting. Why not spend some time on the practice green, hitting the same putt time after time before you start your round. All Thailand golf courses have nice practice greens and it is also good to get a feel for the green speed on the particular day you are playing.

Putting is all about the set-up.  The basic motion of putting is to simply swing your arms back and forth. The key to improving your putt is to make sure you can swing your arms back and forth in exactly the same motion every time you address the ball. Two points are involved to making this possible.

First make sure you are looking straight down at the ball.  While you are addressing the ball, you should be able to draw a straight line from the ball to your eyes at a 90-degree angle from the ground. 

Second relax your arms and hands so they hang under your shoulders. Locked, straight arms are the enemy of good putting because they reduce the mobility of your arms when it comes time to swing.

There you have it, remember to finish strong when golfing in Thailand and you will score well!

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