Dress For Success On The Thailand Golf Course

Dress For Success On The Thailand Golf Course

Legacy_golf_club_bangkok_thailandDo you want to be admired and respected by golf club staff, caddies and other local Thais on your Thailand golf vacation? Here’s a tip – wear the right color clothes on the right day!

In Thailand the days of the week are named after the planets in the same order as some Western countries. In Thai, wan (pronounced wun) means day and it comes before the name of the planet. Each day is also associated with a color. Traditionally, people wear items of clothing according to the color of the day.

A friend of mine’s wife and her family are always appreciative when he wears the appropriate color each day. So for a New Year’s present, they have given him a variety of different colored golf shirts. He now has the full set and they try to insist that he wears the correct colored shirt each day according to the following chart!!

Depending on the day of the week you are golfing the proper colors to wear on Thailand golf courses are:

English              Thai                            Planet               Color

Sunday              wan-ahtit                    Sun                   red
Monday             wan-jaan                    Moon                 yellow
Tuesday            wan-angkahn              Mars                  pink
Wednesday       wan-poot                    Mercury             green
Thursday           wan-pa-reu-hut           Jupiter              orange
Friday               wan-sook                    Venus                blue
Saturday           wan-sow                     Saturn               purple

Today               wan-nee 
Tomorrow          poo-nee 

If your range of golf gear does not go that far, a safe bet is yellow which signifies respect for the King and Royal Family. A red shirt on Sundays is also considered lucky, and who does not need some extra breaks?

Now there you have it. "Dress For Success" certainly has new meaning when golfing in Thailand. Have a great game!

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