How I Improved Past Bogey Golf In Thailand?

How I Improved Past Bogey Golf In Thailand?

Thailand_pitch_golf_shotDuring the last 6 months golfing in Thailand, I’ve been hitting the ball better due to a lot of practice and some great golf tips from my friends, but until recently I still found myself stuck in the 92-95 range.

It seems like every time that I pitch from 5-20 yards off the green, say when playing at Thai Country Club, I end up leaving myself an 10 foot putt.  My short game (for example several 9 irons last month at Amata Springs) were fine, but I felt that if I could get the ball closer when pitching, that I’d probably have a better chance to break 90.   

Lately I learned a way to pitch more accurately and this has led to me breaking 90 on all but one of my last 5 rounds. Just a few weeks ago at Blue Canyon Golf Club I managed an 86, with 8 tap-ins for par saves. This is how I did it.

When pitching I,

1. Opened my stance,
2. Moved the ball back in my stance,
3. Aimed the club face at exactly at the target, not necessarily the pin!
4. Gripped down on the club.

I found I could pitch it close almost every time when I struck the ball with a crisp, descending blow. Therefore, I now position the ball slightly back in my stance. Opening my stance a little, but aiming the club face directly at the target made all the difference.

There is one par 3 at Alpine Golf Club, I think the 4th hole, where I always come up short and left of the green, avoiding the water and sand on the right. On my last round at Alpine with my club aimed exactly at the swale in the green, I was able to nearly hole my pitch! 

I think by practicing and following these simple swing changes everyone who in playing golf in Thailand can shave 4-5 stokes off their game, which certainly will add to the enjoyment of a Thailand golf package holiday.

Give this simple change a try and let me know how it works for you.

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  1. Hi Spankie,
    Nice comment, it is good to hear from you.
    Actually I was just giving some tips on what worked for me. How about yourself, do you have any good suggestions on how to get past bogey golf here in Thailand? is there anything in particular that has helped shape your golf in Pattaya?

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