Solo or Group Golf Travel in Thailand?

Solo or Group Golf Travel in Thailand?

Golf_group_in_vietnamThe great majority of guests of my Thailand golf vacation company travel in golfing groups, some large and some small. There are plenty, however, who choose to take their Thailand golfing holiday independently or as a couple. So what are the pro’s and con’s of the two approaches?

When you are traveling in a group you have partners to play with, and you can have a lot of fun participating in a tournament or  matches over the course of your holiday. Depending on the size of the group often your Thailand golf travel agent can negotiate discounts for you. On the other hand, if your group is very, it can be difficult to get your preferred tee-off times. It is best to book via your Thailand golf travel operator who often has special relationships with the golf courses, and give as much notice as possible of your requested courses, dates and times. Most groups have a terrific time on their golfing holiday in Thailand, and everybody gets on fine.

Just occasionally, the strains of being with the same people over a number of days, and the ‘politics’ within the group, can result in fall-outs. Last year 10 friends of mine went on a golfing tour in Spain. By the end of the tour, there were only 2 still speaking to each other!

On the other hand when traveling alone or as a couple, you do not have to worry about anybody else. Normally, there is no problem getting a tee off time when you are a single golfer, nor in finding someone else to play with. Indeed, some of golf courses in Thailand insist on your joining up with other golfers and you can often meet interesting people in this way, and make new friends. Most golfers are usually companionable and polite. For example, last time I played at Blue Canyon Country Club I was paired with another single golfer on honeymoon in Phuket. He turned out to be a semi-professional golfer from Sweden. I not only was able to make a good friend (he and his bride have been over to our house in Bangkok twice since), I also received a “free” golf playing lesson!

Whichever way you chose to travel, in a group, with a partner, or on your own, I am sure you will have a great Thailand golfing holiday.

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  1. I lived in Jakarta and KL and have recently moved to Bangkok. While playing in both JK and KL, I joined expat/local groups which played on Saturdays and Sundays. Both of the groups in Indonesia and Malaysia had large turnouts and were a great way to meet other people.
    Are there any such groups in the Bangkok area? I have asked among my friends and inquired at the local bars, but have not been successful.

  2. Thanks for the link to the other article about BKK golf societies.
    I have been able to track down the schedules and contact information for some of the groups, but have not been able to locate a group that plays every weekend. Any suggestions?
    I found another article here that talks about the Mainly Unquenchable Golf Society (MUGS). This sounds alot like the type of society I have played with in the past. Any thoughts on how I can get in touch with them?
    Thanks for the help! The site is very helpful.

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