Hitting Fairway Woods

Hitting Fairway Woods

Hitting a fairway wood intimidates many golfers, so much so that many people do not even carry nor use any. But players who hit the ball average distances must master these clubs to drive down their scores and golf handicaps.

Here are 5 great keys that I have found to be effective when hitting fairway woods.

  1. Take a normal address position
  2. Position the ball slightly back
  3. Take a complete back swing
  4. Focus on clipping the grass
  5. End with a full and balanced finish

With fairway woods, you hit the ball at the bottom of the swing. This contrasts sharply with short irons, which you hit with a descending blow, and drivers, which you hit with an ascending blow. Take advantage of this and position the ball just behind where you’d tee the ball for a drive.

Also, keep in mind that these clubs don’t create large divots. In fact, most times they create a shallow divot or no divot at all. So when you swing, think in terms of just clipping the tops of the grass as you make impact.

Next time you’re hitting a fairway wood, don’t panic. Make a real effort to complete your back swing and slide your right shoulder under your chin as you rotate your body. If you do both of these things well, you’ll transfer your weight correctly and make good use of your body pivot.

Let me know how this works for you. I has helped me gain confidence and improve my scores by 3-4 shots on average per rounds. Happy golfing!

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