Golf Swing Consitency Improvement Tip

Golf Swing Consitency Improvement Tip

Today is a holiday here in Thailand and I thought I would post this great golf tip that I received by email. It has helped me improve my swing consistency and lower my score.

I have for many years concentrated on my improving swing prior to hitting the ball and never thought that the motion of my body after I hit the ball would have such a dramatic effect on the overall result. Here is a tip about proper follow through. Let me know your thoughts and comments if you try it out.

A poor follow through often results from an inhibited body motion coupled with a decelerating club head. This position is a result of a one’s tendency to guide the club head through impact instead of freely releasing the club in the downswing.

While you can’t influence the ball’s flight after hitting it, keying on certain post impact "factors" during the swing often helps improve the swing itself. Try focusing on these 3 factors for a better follow through:

• Maintain balance through impact
• Rotate all the way through
• Finish with spine straight

To finish your swing properly, you must encourage the right side of your body to rotate all the way through the shot, so that you end up with the majority of your weight on your left side, with your right foot up on its toes.

You should finish with the spine straight, the right shoulder over the left foot, and in balance. Finishing out of balance is a sign of swinging too hard or too fast and results in lack of consistency and loss of distance. This is especially troublesome in Thailand where there are a great need to practice target golf to avoid the many water hazards.

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