Thailand Golf Holiday: What City is best?

Thailand Golf Holiday: What City is best?

I often get asked about which city is best for playing golf and vacationing in Thailand. Depending on your preferences, there are a number of choices where you can base yourself for a unique golf holiday.

First there is the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. Staying here will allow you to choose from  25 championship golf courses and also take advantage of all of great infrastructure that you would expect in a  major capital city. There is some amazing shopping, tourist attractions and wide range of nightlife in Bangkok.

If a romantic golf holiday is what you prefer then staying at a resort on one the stunning island beaches of Phuket will be the best option. There are 5 world class golf courses on Phuket island.

For a city that never sleeps, Pattaya, about 100 km south of Bangkok is the best option. More than 10 top courses can easily be reached from Pattaya making this seaside city a great golf destination as well.

Hua Hin is another coastal city on the western side of the Gulf of Thailand and around 150 km south of Bangkok. It is here that people go to relax and enjoy the wide array of seafood restaurants in a quieter setting. There are 5 golf courses in the area that are of championship quality.

For people who prefer fresh mountain air and stunning natural scenery, either of the 2 major northern Thailand cities, Chang Mai or Chang Rai, are the places to head. Between the 2 cities there are 7 top courses, with an additional 3 are under construction. I predict as time goes by, these 2 lesser know destination will grow in golf popularity.

The other candidates for a golf holiday in Thailand are Koh Samui; a bit like a smaller Phuket albeit with only one 1 golf course, Kanchanaburi; the home of the bridge over the river Kwai and Khao Yai; a large National park that can be reached by car in 2 hours from Bangkok.

My personal recommendation to most all travelers is to combine 2 (or more destinations) for the ideal golf holiday. Staying a few nights in Bangkok and then going onto one of the other cities I mentioned is always a great choice. Golf travelers can easily sample 2 playing environments in one holiday that will be remembered for a lifetime.

For more information about each city and list of courses available please visit the Thailand golf travel experts.

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