“F” Thailand Golf Tip

“F” Thailand Golf Tip

Mini_golf_course_bangkok F is for having Fun. Yes, golf in Thailand is supposed to be fun. What frame of mind are you in when having fun? Relaxed, and when you’re relaxed, swinging the club is easy.

Therefore, I wonder why, when golfing in Thailand, I always see some players walking the golf course without smiling the whole day and don’t seem to be enjoying it at all.

Golf professionals may look a bit stiff on television, but deep down most of them are enjoying it when they’re in contention. The fact that most of us aren’t professionals and golf is a game, should make it even more compelling that we play golf for fun.

Next time you go any golf course in Thailand, just make up your mind, that whatever happens, how many bad shots you hit on the course, how many bad breaks you get, how many putts that lip out, you are going to have fun. Yes, it’s difficult when things aren’t going your way, but what else can you do? 

I have seen some pretty unorthodox golf swings around Thailand, but the players who seem to enjoy themselves and get the most out of their game are the golfers that have the most fun. I admit that I love to compete with myself and would rather be playing tiddlywinks then bad golf, but if really make up my mind before teeing off that absolutely NOTHING is going to ruin my round and just go and have some fun, then almost always I can shoot my handicap, or lower.

This does require some commitment and will power, but just keep remembering to ask yourself why you play the game and it’s a lot easier. If you’re not having a good time when you’re out on the golf course, you might as well put your clubs into storage. How many times have you thought about giving golf up and then came back with no expectations and played better than ever? Once you learn to enjoy yourself regardless of your scores, you’ll find you don’t care so much and play better anyway! My strong suggestion is to do as the Thais do and adopt a “Mai Pen Rai” attitude on the golf course and you will be assured of having fun while playing golf here.

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