“E” Thailand Golf Tip

“E” Thailand Golf Tip

Orlando_golf_course_club.jpgE is for Endless improvement. Golf in Thailand is a never ending journey of getting better. I’m sick of hearing Tiger Woods say it, but it’s true. Most golfers take one or a series of golf lessons in Thailand and expect to find some magic formula that will transform them into a lean mean golfing machine. When golfing here in Thailand, and other parts of the world, there are no secrets.

Once you understand that there are no golf shortcuts, and your only realistic goal is to listen to Tiger Woods and try to get better everyday, then golf in Thailand becomes a lot more bearable. This is one of the attractions of golf in Bangkok.

Players, especially successful businessmen, get frustrated because they want the answer and solution that will fix everything for them. Unfortunately, we can all only accept the fact that we will never be perfect golfers and the only way to maintain sanity is to accept that we can only get better. The only way to get better is to practice while golfing in Thailand and to practice smart.

One of the best ways I have found to practice golf in Thailand is to find a golfing buddy with whom I can regularly meet and play some games on the range. Many players, including myself get bored practicing by themselves, but if you practice with a friend, you not only have someone else to keep you company, but a way to practice smart. Instead of just hitting balls aimlessly, turn it into a game and make shots count, after all, that’s what happens on the golf course. 

I can name countless players that can chip, putt and drive like golfing demons on the range, but once they get out onto the course they fall apart. If you practice with intent, and make each shot count like it does out on the golf course, you’ll be installing a playing mentality. Take 5 balls, bet your golfing buddy who can get the closest to a pre-selected target. Make it enough to hurt, but not so much that you can’t take back the club because you’re so scared. This is one way to improvement. 

Traveling alone or have no friends with the same schedule as you? Play some practice games with yourself.  Set yourself a goal on the practice green at any Thailand golf club, such as getting 5 golf balls in a row up and down in two shots and don’t leave until you do it. You’ll be amazed at how good you get and this is a much more effective way to practice then hitting 100 balls at the range to the same target. Try this and other practice drills and you will be on your way to a golf life of endless improvements!

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