Which Golf Ball Is Right for YOU When Golfing In Thailand?

Which Golf Ball Is Right for YOU When Golfing In Thailand?

Thailand Golf BallsFor the regular Thai golfer, the news on the modern golf ball is all good. The ball doesn’t slice or hook anywhere near as much as it did 15 years ago and it goes a lot further. But why hasn’t the average Thailand golf visitor’s handicap dropped? The answer is almost certainly in the golf ball they are teeing up when golfing in Thailand.

Today a solidly hit golf ball doesn’t move. The manufacturer’s designers have worked the long night hours to make it so. But for most playing the Thai golf fairways the percentage of solidly hit shots hasn’t improved that much and the ball, when hit poorly, will deviate from the straight and narrow, no matter how solidly it is constructed.

Some balls will deviate more than others. Would you believe that the Titleist Pro VI’s most of the Thai golf professionals play will deviate MORE than many of the less costly ones available for sale in Thailand!

The argument, then, is that most Thai golf holidaymakers could be playing with a golf ball that will make them hit more fairways, but they choose not to.

Then of course the modern golf ball goes further, by quite some distance, leaving you much closer to the green when playing from the rough. The bad news, for those who pick the ball used by their Thai golf hero, is that the same golf ball, when hit with by an amateur with a swing speed of only 85mph, isn’t going to perform anywhere near its optimum level, leaving you not only further from the fairway than you’d like, but further from the green than you could be.

This is not the combination that any Thai golfer was looking for when teed up with a brand new golf ball at a famous course like Blue Canyon Country Club.

So, why do less than 20% of regular Thailand golfers take the time and trouble to find the golf ball that will marry their swing speed and their requirement for control and feel? Why, when each new golf ball offers a toolbox of technologies all offering different benefits, do golfers play the golf ball the pros use?

Spend a little time working out what characteristics your golf ball needs to have to help you enjoy your Thailand golf game that little bit more. Be prepared to experiment and try some of the lesser known brands or golf balls specifically made for amateurs. Us these on your next Thailand golf holiday and you might just end up beating your own personal best and saving some money too!

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