River Kwai / Kanchanaburi Golf: Conclusions

River Kwai / Kanchanaburi Golf: Conclusions

River_kwai_kanchanburi Golf in Kanchanburi is staring to see a resurgence as the weather has now turned cooler and we are in the mist of probably the best Thailand golf season ever! Over the last 2 days I had discussed the various golf options in the region by reviewing 5 best Kanchanburi courses. Here is the final post in my River Kwai golf series, covering accommodation selections as well as mentioning a great local dining tip, regional culture and history.

If you want to stay in the area, you basically have three options:

1. In Kanchanaburi itself. The River Kwai Hotel is a comfortable, reasonably priced hotel suitable for golfing groups being centrally located not far away from tourist bars and restaurants, with a lively discotheque next door.

2. On one of the golf resort complexes. Mission Hills, Nichigo, and Evergreen all have reasonable accommodations, but there is not too much to do in the evening and you need to take taxis to get into Kanchanaburi.

3. At one of  riverside resorts on the outskirts of town along the banks of the magnificent River Kwai, such as the Felix River Kwai Resort, the Royal River Kwai Resort, or the Pung Waan Resort Kai Ya. The Felix is the only four star and the most expensive, but still cheao compared to Hotels in Bangkok or not to mention my Paris Apartment.

As for a great dining choice, we locals like to eat out on one of the houseboat style floating restaurants on the River Kai, especially at the evening festival times in the cooler months from November through January. Around this time of year too you can catch the spectacular River Kai Light & Sound Show.

This show, with many special effects, tells the story about the building of the Death Railway across Thailand and the later bombing of the bridge. You will really feel like you are in the middle of a battle field, and you simply can’t help looking in the air when you hear the sound of warplanes arriving, the train crossing the bridge, and later the fireworks illustrating the bombing of the bridge.

Allied forces prisoners of war from the United States, Canada, Britain, Holland, Australia and New Zealand and Thai and Burmese laborers were conscripted to build the bridge over the River Kwai. The route cut through thick jungle and mountainous terrain and more than 60,000 slaves and prisoners of war died – it is said that each tile of the railway represents a life. I really recommend that you take time out from your golf tour to visit the beautifully maintained, peaceful and moving Don-Rak and Chonk-kai War Cemeteries and JEATH war museum. In addition, there is a unique tiger sanctuary that has proven to be a great golf break for those in the area. Be sure to check on feeding times and dress requirements or you might just become a nursing tiger’s dinner!

I hope these 3 articles about  River Kwai golf has proven helpful. If you have any experiences of your own, feel free to post a comment or drop me an email at my Thailand golf vacation company.

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