Golf Equipment in Bangkok Re-Loaded

Golf Equipment in Bangkok Re-Loaded

Bangkok_golf_shop Golf shopping has gotten better and better in Bangkok with the opening of Siam Paragon, and upgrades and improvements to most of the existing malls such as Central Chidlom, Emporium, Siam Center and Siam Discovery Center. Golf equipment is readily available at most of these malls but you will most likely be paying full or near retail price. For the widest selection and cheapest prices, locals and tourists go to Thaniya Plaza, which can be reached via the BTS Skytrain and getting off Saladaeng (Silom)
Station. There is a walkway through from the BTS station.

As mentioned in a previous post, Thaniya Plaza consists of 4 levels of no less than 50 golf shops. You will find almost every brand available.  Golf clubs are generally more expensive than in the US, but golf accessories, especially gloves, are cheaper. You can bargain on the price a little, but paying cash will certainly get you the lowest price. 

Most are small independent run shops, such as the one shown in the photo insert above, but the major brands also have their main importer store on site. On the ground floor is GM Golf, carrying Titleist,. Walk past this and you will see the Taylor Made shop. Pan West, the Callaway golf importer, is on the 2nd Floor. Many of the smaller shops carry multiple brands. The authorized Titleist shop is on the ground floor and the staff in there are very helpful..

You could spend half a day in Thaniya easily, and if you’re looking for lunch, there is an excellent Japanese Barbecue on the 2nd Floor called Rengaya.  I usually stop in for a quick bite between my golf store hopping!

Many of the shops in Thaniya Plaza also carry a good selection of used clubs, although the good ones tend to be near the price of new clubs, which is somewhat disappointing.  I’ve never personally compared prices in Thaniya at different shops, but you shouldn’t find too much of a price discrepancy. 

There are some excellent bargains to be found, you’ve just got to be patient enough to shop around and be prepared to spend a little time in there. It’s relatively easy to get yourself around, and nowhere near as confusing as somewhere like Siam Paragon.  If you’re going by taxi, most taxi drivers know Thaniya – pronounce it Tun-e-ya (Tun as in Tunnel, E as in short E, Ya as in Gotch-ya!).

Good luck shopping and let us know if you find any golf deals by posting a comment or if you prefer just send me an email at my Thailand golf vacation company and I will take care of all the posting chores.

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  1. Hi There.
    I’m based here in Thailand and have been playing golf for nearly 1 year.
    I do need some help, because that I’m looking for a good set of 2nd hand golf clubs….(titleist 681 forged,3oos shaft)
    My contact no:0890797012.
    Best Regards.

  2. Thino,
    Try Thaniya Plaza. You should be able to find what you are looking for at one of the shops there that sell second hand clubs. Let us know how this works out for you.
    Thanks for the question.

  3. I am new in golf area, started to play Golf just 7 days ago. Comming to bangkok on next week. looking for used Left Hand golf Clibs. Can anybody guide me?

  4. I want to know how much can it cost a comlpete set of clubs, Callaway for example, there in Tai. I´am from Argentina and I´am travelling on march. Thks.

  5. I am moving to Bangkok in April and will be living in the wireless rd area. Are there any public driving ranges in this area and are there any expat clubs that get together on weekends for golf (not too serious)

  6. I’m looking to head to Thailand within a couple of weeks spending most of my time in and around Chiang Mai. Unfortunately I can’t take my clubs. Is there a good range of hire equipment available at most golf clubs and also, are there any golf equipment shops in that area, or is it best to just try Bangkok?

  7. I’m looking for honma 460 golden driver from 2nd hand in Thailand.people who wanna sell for that kind of golf self.pls kind contact me. as the following email.
    [email protected]
    I look forwards seller who wanna to sell.
    That why, pls kindly contact urgently.

  8. hi
    im looking for a set of ping irons anybody know of an authorised ping dealer in bangkok and how much time for a fitting and providing the set. any iea of price range of G10/rapture? will they be authentic?

  9. I am looking for second hand gplf driving range equipment.—BALL dispensor. BALL washer..BALL cleaner. Our range is very small only 16 bays.Need small capacity ideally.Iam in Bangkok from 29th MAY to 3rd JUNE.Staying at GRAND HYATT .NAME—MALHAN JAIDEEP.OR maail me later and give detaikls.Thanks,MALHAN.

  10. Hello,
    I just started golf about a week ago. I’m still in my training. I’m going to Bangkok tomorrow and i would like to buy a second hand golf set there, I know that Thaniya Plaza sells all golf equipments. However, I still need help in choosing the good and the most suitable golf set for me as I don’t know nothing about golf sets. Any help will be appreciated!! Thanks!

  11. You mentioned there are shops offering 2nd hand golf clubs but didn’t name them. Can you point me at one or two places where I can get a cheap and cheerful set including bag in Bangkok
    [email protected]

  12. I lived in Bangkok 2years ago and I play golf a lot. Now, I’m living in Melbourne and I’m looking for a 2nd hand golf equipment here ,for I want to play golf again. Can you help me find a shop? thanks.

  13. I am looking for some place to buy good a complete set of 2nd hand TaylorMade set of golf clubs, in Bangkok. I am visiting Bangkok between 26Nov to 28 Nov 2009
    Any suggestions please.
    [email protected]

  14. There is a Golf Fair on just now at Thaniya Plaza (in Thanon Thaniya which runs between Silom and Suriwongse, a few sois along from Patpong going towards Lumpini Park, Saladaeng Station on the Skytrain). Up to 80% off on new and used golf clubs and accessories ………………..

  15. hi ….m looking for a ping golf set but not able to find a suitable shop to buy it..PLEASE DO YOU KNOW ANY OF IT ?

  16. Hey if someone looking for used golf club come to Srinakarin Golf range on 26-29 Jan you can choose what you want and get a good price, The have golf festival..

  17. I am looking for Taylor Made , Burner ,Driver R-9. It’s not for professional. I want hand-right, and the loft is no more less than 10.5, Length is 45.5 inches. Let me know the place where can I buy in Bangkok?

  18. GOLF SET FOR SALE – B 8900
    1 Titliest Black Bag as seen in photo
    1 Callaway Big Bertha Driver II
    9 Callaway Big Bertha Clubs (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,PW,SW)
    1 60 Degree
    Seperate: 1 Golf Odyssey White Hot Tour #7H Putter 35″ (will sell for 2500)

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