Pattaya Golf: Playing and My 5 Favorite Courses (Part 3)

Pattaya Golf: Playing and My 5 Favorite Courses (Part 3)

Here are the last 2 of my favorite Pattaya golf courses.

4. Burapha Golf Club consists of 36 holes, on rolling hilly terrain. This excellent course demands both length and accuracy. The course used to be a members only course but now accepts visitors. Course A/B is my personal favorite, and requires a variety of shot-making to master this course. Although not overly tight, well placed bunkers and water hazards means you need to be careful with your tee shots. This will give you the opportunity to be more aggressive into well guarded greens.

This course is always well managed and in good condition, and the caddies are generally well experienced and very helpful.Burapha is always an enjoyable course to play with the option of the second 18 (C/D) to play in one day. This is facilitated by the compulsory golf cart requirement.

5. Pattana Golf Resort is a new golf course opened in 2005. On the grounds is a huge sporting complex hosting 3 very challenging 9 holes, with huge clubhouse sporting a wide range of facilities, including its own heliport, stadium, and large meeting banquet, and hotel facilities.

Read more about this course in the continuation of this article.

With a wide variety of different styles of holes, this makes Pattana an extremely challenging and interesting. Some of the pars 3’s are extremely testing to say the least. This is quite a long course, and thus there is a premium on your tee shots. The greens are will protected, with some elevated, and again, accuracy is paramount.

This is definitely different from many of the existing courses in Thailand, and will not be everyone’s favorite. However, for a completely new experience and challenge, I would recommend this at least once.I found this to be one of the most difficult and testing courses I have played, and is a must for anyone looking for a . Also the course is set in a valley between 2 sets of small mountain ranges. Therefore, one must be careful in the afternoon where frequent wind gusts further adds to the already challenging playing conditions.

This completes my series on my favorite Pattaya golf courses. I welcome any comments or differing opinions and would live to hear about your favorite courses as well. For more information on golf and other activities in Pattaya feel free to take a look at my main web site.

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