Thailand Golf Blog is Back in Virtual Print

Thailand Golf Blog is Back in Virtual Print

Hey guys, we are BACK! After a 2 year hiatus the Thailand Golf Blog will become an active golf chat site again with a weekly blog by me, Graham the golfnut, and hopefully other posts from you the golfing public.

What can you expect from the new and improved – and well rested – Thailand Golf blog? I will be putting up a lot of new content about what happens on the golf courses around Thailand, where you have to play and where you must not. There will be a few course reviews on brand new courses (like the new Royal Gems 63 hole complex that is not even open yet), helpful tips for people coming to Thailand to golf for the first time, like the fact that you use your umbrella every day for either the rain or the sun, but it is always used.

We will be covering Asian Tour events, Thailand Golf Tournaments,  and now that the European Senior Tour is holding events here in Thailand, maybe, just maybe we are not far away from another PGA event here again.

Enjoy the new posts here, I will endeavour to maintain the high humour content that Niftee had going here and make this the best read and most enjoyable golf blog going. (Except maybe Thailand Golf Zone!)

Swing Straight, Shoot Low.


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