Thai Caddies getting smart

Thai Caddies getting smart

Caddies are all part of the fun of taking a golf vacation in Thailand and now it seems at last the golf clubs are realizing they deserve to be dressed elegantly as well.

In the past, caddies often had to rely on the club’s owners to order their uniforms.

Not being fashion very conscious, they would just buy the fabric and get a local to make up their uniforms.

Let’s face it even the prettiest caddies can look drab in some of the old fashion outfits that they were forced to wear.

Most caddies have to also buy their uniforms and although they try to improve them with a bit of home tailoring, it is hard to look good in a sack and silly hat.

Move forward to 2023 and the image of each golf club is important, including how the caddies look too.

If they feel good wearing a well-designed outfit, they will also perform better.

Another factor is choosing the right fabric that is not too hot to wear and can also protect them from the sun.

Here are a couple of new uniforms.

Nikanti  is very chic.

However I have to say Lotus Valley  north of Bangkok certainly wins on the brightest stakes.

Let us know what you think about caddies and their uniforms.

Maybe you have some photos to share.


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