Welcome Relief for Asia’s Golf Courses

Welcome Relief for Asia’s Golf Courses

According to Thailand’s Meteorology Department, we have now officially entered the rainy season.

However, you don’t need them to tell you, as today in Pattaya after overnight rain, the temperature has dropped to a very pleasant 26c.

Pineapple Valley Golf Club Hua Hin

Over the past few months many Asian countries have experienced a long dry period, but luckily  those courses blessed with their own lakes,  have managed to keep their courses in good condition.

As an example, yesterday the fairways at Siam Country Club’s Plantation near Pattaya were looking remarkable green.

Apparently being on a hillside, I understand that they have recently constructed a dam near their 3rd hole to capture more water.

Therefore this is perhaps one of the best times to experience a round of golf in SE Asia, when prime time tee times are available, and the courses are getting back into tip top shape.

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Enjoy the green season!




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