Most Spectacular Thailand Golf Course

Most Spectacular Thailand Golf Course

Planning a golf Thailand holiday often involves deciding on the best type of courses to include. As part of the golf package planning I often get to discuss with those interested in a golf Thailand vacation about each course. So it is no coincidence when recently a Phuket golf tour operator and I sat down for a few Singha’s to discuss our views on the golf courses in Thailand.

We went round and around debating which is the best or most difficult Thailand golf course and ultimately could not decide whether it was Blue Canyon in Phuket (where he was from)  or Alpine in Bangkok (where I am from). However one thing we did agree on is the most spectacular Thailand golf course.

When you think about golf in a tropical and exotic land, what image comes to mind? How about a palm tree lined course carved out of the jungle on an island set high over  white sand beaches and clear blue sea waters?

Well the course that fits this description is none other that the Singha’s beer fame, Khun Santi’s, Santiburi Samui Country Club. This slice of golf heaven on the northern coast of Koh Samui is surrounded by the beauty of the southern Gulf of Thailand and is an oasis of pleasure and pain. Read on!

Cool ocean breezes and soaring mountain peaks form a golf course like no other in Thailand. While the modern world and its pressures are long a thing of the past when playing at Santiburi (pleasure), world-class golf under championship conditions make for a truly challenging 18 holes (pain).

The Santiburi clubhouse provides for appropriate luxury and comfort that one expects from a championship golf club. But the real treat is the golf course itself. From the 462 yard opening hole that plays up into the jungle, through to the final 442 yard par 4 that soars over the Gulf of Thailand, Santiburi is a sight to behold and a course to be reckoned with.

Koh Samui is not normally considered a Thailand golf destination so the course does not get much play, even in the high season. However, if you normally go to Phuket, you owe it to yourself to play at this gem once or maybe even a few times. In any case, you will not be disappointed, but be sure to bring a few extra balls!

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