Make All 4 Footers When Golfing In Thailand

Make All 4 Footers When Golfing In Thailand

Royal Gems Golf City PuttingWhen you golf in Thailand you can complain about slow greens, grainy surfaces, poor caddies, and whatever you can think of to blame for poor putting. However, none of these are likely to be the cause for Thailand golf putting woes.

Where you putt from is the key to how well you putt. The closer you are to the hole the better your putting – PERIOD!

Average Thai golfers probably face 4 foot putts 10-15 times a round. Many golfers simply call these a Gimmie, but this is cheating (Gimmie’s are only allowed in Thailand from 3 feet and closer.) Master putting from this range and you’ll dramatically cut your scores when golfing in Thailand, and do it legally!

Making 4 footers isn’t as easy as it sounds. Confidence is a big factor. So is practice. Here are 5 tips on sinking 4 foot putts:

1.    Think speed more than line. Thailand golfers tend to focus on line with short putts. But speed is more important. Putt aggressively, but not too aggressively so that your ball goes to the back of the cup.

2.    Hit straight. If your putt looks straight, hit middle of the cup. If you start the putt straight, you have a margin on either side. If the putt breaks right or left, you will still have margin on one side. So hit the putt straight and don’t worry about giving up the hole.

3.    Stroke through the ball. Putting mechanics are for the practice green and most Thailand golfers tend to ease up on short putts. Don’t ease up putt right through the ball.

4.    Stand with your eyes over the ball. There’s only one rule for sinking 4 foot putts. Get your eyes over the ball. This simplifies things enormously for all golfers in Thailand.

5.    Focus on the first inch.Be painstaking about that first inch. At address keep your eyes riveted on the first inch and don’t move them until you’re ball is one inch past impact.

Follow these tips when on any Thailand golf course and you’ll drain 4 footers just like a Thai golf professional.

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  1. That makes it sound easy? One tip trust your caddie line they are simply amazing and try hard when you respond.

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