Staying Behind The Thailand Golf Ball

Staying Behind The Thailand Golf Ball

Golf_tee_shotThe most difficult thing for the golfer on holiday in Thailand to do, in my opinion, is to stay behind the ball. What do I mean by this?

Almost everyone I meet is so excited about playing a new golf course that they have a tendency to swing hard and get ahead of the ball with the body, promoting an over the top swing. This leads to slicing, shanking, and topping. It is particularly noticeable on the tee, where so many on a Thailand golf holiday try to kill the ball. Just yesterday, I golfed with a group of South African golfers at Thai Country Club and one gentleman in my foursome, tried to hit the ball so hard on the first tee he practically fell over!

It is easy to learn how to stay behind the ball. Try teeing up the ball higher than usual. Most of the pro shops at Thailand golf courses sell extra long tees for about $1 US, so buy a pack on your way out to the first tee. When the ball is teed up this high, you must swing from the inside out in order to hit the ball at all solidly. In addressing a ball which is teed higher than usual, set the golf club head about three inches behind the ball and choke down an inch or so, as this will also help hit it squarely.

Teeing the ball higher emphasizes the right ball striking habits. It prevents moving the head and upper part of the body out of position and ahead of the ball before impact. It stops a forward away movement with the legs and thighs. You will find that, with your body properly behind the ball, you will have less of a tendency to steer the ball and will finish your swing much higher.

Whether your Thailand golf vacation package calls for golf at an easy course like Green Valley Pattaya or you go directly for a more challenging course like St. Andrews 2000, give this a try on the first tee of your first round of golf in Thailand. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you hit your first shot 200 yards down the center of the fairway. Later on you can always tee the ball closer to normal height as you become more relaxed and develop more confidence.

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