“L” Thailand Golf tip

“L” Thailand Golf tip

Golf_love L is for Love of golf. If you don’t love golf, golf will not love you. OK, that was a bit corny and owning a golf company, I am definitely not unbiased, but there is some truth in that. The ones who truly love golf, especially golf in Thailand, tend to get the best out of their game and golf seems to give everything back.

What does loving golf mean? Without being too philosophical, loving golf is more than just enjoying it, it’s respecting the rules, the etiquette and, in Thailand, the courses and caddies. It is an understanding that golf is not fair. Just as in a human relationship, you get out of it what you put in to it, and there will be peaks and troughs along the way, your love for golf growing stronger each time you overcome a challenge. Those who truly love golf can sit back at the end of a bad day and smile at what golf threw back at them. They don’t think about giving up, selling their clubs, never coming back to Thailand, nor taking up another sport, and if they do, it’s short lived. Their love is too strong! 

Some people describe love of golf akin to an addiction, where one can not get enough of the game once they pick it up. This has a slightly negative connotation and I would rather think of it more like love for another person. If you really someone, do you just pack it in at the slightest hint of a problem? Or do you make a commitment and really work at it. As we all know, golf requires work, and after the initial period of euphoria where you buy clubs (or receive them as gifts), get to know the game and make your first birdie, or even hole in one, you must constantly work at your game (relationship) to improve it. Your game may (will) never be perfect, but it will give you everything, satisfaction and disappointment, that you need. As your love for golf grows you might introduce it to your colleagues, and even your children, since you can start golf at any age.

Once you love golf, it’s not easy to fall out of love with it, but why would you want to?

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