“I” Thailand Golf Tip

“I” Thailand Golf Tip

Golf_foursome_in_hua_hin I is for not being Indecisive. Most bad shots I see here on the golf courses in Thailand are the result of indecision.  For me personally, I would say up to 90% of my bad shots come from not being confident of the shot I play. How many times have you been between clubs, or not sure of the type of golf shot you have to play, only for the shot to turn out just as you imagined it – that’s right – nothing, because you weren’t sure what shot you were trying to play.

Indecision can cost you mistakes all over the course in Thailand, from the tee box to the green, especially the green. If you have ever had a day putting in Thailand where everything goes the way you planned, you know what I’m talking about. You stepped up, you knew the line, you knew the weight, you were decisive, and you made it, or shaved the edge (sometimes they just don’t go in). Even at Bangkok golf courses where the greens are heavily undulated like at Panya Indra or Green Valley golf clubs, if you have the right confidence, you will be able to sink many difficult putts.

On the other hand, how many putts have you made that you were not sure how hard to hit it or you were not sure of the line? Even at courses with easy greens like Phoenix in Pattaya or Mission Hills in Kanchanaburi, maybe a few, but far more often than not, they don’t go in.

The same holds true out on the course in Thailand. When you’re in the middle of the fairway and between clubs to the green, especially with anything less than a full swing, how many times do you hit a good shot? My guess is not many. So, next time before you swing, make up your mind, be decisive, convince yourself that is the right club, the shot you have selected is the right one, and commit to it.

If you listen to golf professionals analyze their rounds you will often hear them speaking about their bad shots and saying something along the lines of “I wasn’t sure about the wind…the club….etc..”. Just like anything else, if you’re not sure about something, it’s very unlikely it will happen.  Sometimes we make decisions and choose the wrong club, but this is much better than not making any decision. Once you learn to be more decisive with your shots, you’ll play more consistently and play a lot better, even if some of your good shots are with the wrong club, that you should be able to live with anyway. Now throw away all your indecisiveness and get out and play some confidence golf!

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