Extra Distance When Driving in Thailand

Extra Distance When Driving in Thailand

Alpha_driverNo this is not about road driving; it is about getting the most from your driver when playing golf in Thailand.

If you find yourself hitting it short off the tee you could either buy a new oversized high tech driver at one of the many golf proshops in Thailand or before you do this follow this tip to find the sweet spot on your current driver; you will be amazed at the improvement!

On a good drive, contact is made with the middle of the clubface about an inch off the ground.  But when you set up at address, the ball should be off the toe since the club head moves closer to you when you swing.  In other words, playing it off the toe insures you are the right distance from the ball to make center-face contact.

Here’s how to get it right. Tee the ball so its equator is even with the top of your driver; that will be higher than usual for most Thailand golfers. Next, hold the clubs head an inch off the ground, positioning the alignment aid-an arrow or mark on the crown-directly behind the center of the ball. Then let gravity pull the club head to the ground when you swing. The alignment mark will be inside the ball.  But a good swing will deliver the middle of the clubface to the ball for solid contact.

I was playing with a friend of mine the other day at Siam Country Club in Pattaya, and he showed me this tip.  Within 2 holes, I started getting an extra 20-30 yards off my drive and it worked great for the rest of my round. Just remember to address the ball high on the club face and off the toe for center face contact; the money saved from not buying that new driver will all buy pay for your Thailand golf vacation. Have fun!

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  1. great tips Mark. Cool to hear you got 30 more yards just from some setup adjustments!
    Did you mean the ball should be at the heel (and not the toe) during address if the head moves closer to your body during your swing?

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