Driving Off The Deck When Golfing In Thailand

Driving Off The Deck When Golfing In Thailand

Driver_golf_shot_3No this is not about your car, but rather how to drive from the fairway when golfing in Thailand.

I do not see many Thailand golfers hitting a driver off the deck, but knowing how to sure helped my Australian golfer friend score well at the new Banyan Golf Club in Hua Hin.

His shots flew low with plenty of distance, so it was advantageous when he had  ton of yardage to the long par-4 10th and miraculously using the same shot he reached the monster 11thth, a par 5 in two, setting up an eagle putt (he missed it and had to settle for birdie.). After I saw him do this feat two holes in a row, I thought I had to write about it for those of you who golf in Thailand.

Here is what  he did to hit his driver from the fairway.

1. Used an older driver, like an original Callaway Big Bertha, not one of those fancy 460cc models
2. Picked the ball off the ground, almost like a top

To me the key to making this shot was the ability to pick the ball off the ground. It looked like he was taking a sweeping pass at the ball instead of the usual down-and-through motion. He mentioned that he practices this shot by hitting golf balls off the cart path; without hitting the pavement?? I guess that is why he is so confident hit driver off the fairway when he plays golf in Thailand.

Maybe you won’t use this shot too often, but when you pull off the shot correctly it can be an aggressive play that saves strokes, especially when playing a long par-4 or par-5. Anyway, it’s a good trick to impress your friends on your next Thailand golf trip. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

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