Drain Putts In Thailand

Drain Putts In Thailand

Thailand Golf PuttingIf you can do only one thing to improve your enjoyment when golfing in Thailand, the making more putts would be what I suggest. Thailand golfers face more putts than any other shot. I have taken the time to master putting in Thailand and I was able to cut 3-4 stokes off my score in the process. Here is how I did it.

1. I think more about the speed than line on my putts. For example, when my caddie tells me inside right or inside left, I just putt to the center of the hole and make sure my speed is enough that the ball will reach the back of the cup. This takes most of the break out of the putt and simplifies the stroke. I putt aggressively, but not too aggressively so as to avoid a nasty lip out.

2. For all putts standing with my eyes over the ball I found to be critical. This simplifies things enormously and makes it easier to sink straight putts.

3. By focusing on the first inch of the putt I was able to getting the ball to roll consistently. The first inch the ball travels is an area of precision when it comes to the line. When I painstaking line up that first inch I am able to sink many. At address I keep my eyes riveted on the first inch and don’t move them until my ball is one inch past impact.

4. My most common miss was the push. I found out that why; because I tend to ease up on putts and I hit at the ball instead of stroke through it, this resulted in a push. Now I stroke right through the ball at the same speed and distance as my backswing.

Follow these tips when on any Thailand golf course and you’ll drain many more putts. Guaranteed!

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