Thailand Guest House, Is It Suitable For A Thailand Golf Vacation

Thailand Guest House, Is It Suitable For A Thailand Golf Vacation

North_pattaya_2Some of you planning a golf trip to Thailand may wonder about staying in a guest house to save costs during your Thailand golf holiday. Unless you specify a particular location, I usually suggest that you would be better staying in a recommended and, if possible, internationally branded hotel. Let me explain.

In Europe and the USA you are likely to find a wide selection of bed and breakfasts, which are most always clean and comfortable at a reasonable cost. This is not the case in Thailand. In the first place, hotel rooms, even at 5 star properties, are already much less expensive than in Europe and the USA. In addition, most of the lower cost Thailand guest houses have some combination of unsanitary conditions or bug infestations and almost always located in the least desirable parts of town, thus making them unfit for western golf tourists. This is because, unlike in the more developed countries where the lodging industry is heavily regulated, including periodic inspections, there are few such safeguards in Thailand.

That is not to say that there are not nice guest houses in Thailand. There are many that are cozy, clean and comfortable, but these are almost always found in Chiang Mai or the outskirts of other towns. However, the nice ones are far outnumbered by those that are downright seedy. This is most prevalent in the Thai destinations renown for their nightlife, such as Pattaya and Bangkok.

In fact, most of the advertised Bangkok guest houses are located on Khao San Road or Soi Nana, both of which should be avoided due to the heavy congestion which makes it very difficult and time consuming to get to the golf courses each day. A better choice would be to stay just on Sukhumvit just outside Soi Nana and if you are interested just walk or take the sky train over each evening to enjoy the night time activities. 

In Pattaya, the situation is pretty much the same. The guest houses also tend to be on second or third roads in the most crowded and lowest quality sections of town, certainly well away from the beach. Many of them are basic rooms above beer bars that the owners let out to supplement their income. What is the point to go to a beach resort for a golf vacation just to be cooped up in city pollution, constant loud noise, and sleaze! Again, a branded beach resort within easy walking distance to town would certainly lend itself better to your ideal Thailand golf vacation.

My advice, unless you have enjoyed a stay in a particular guest house previously, is to stay in a branded or at least recommend hotel according to your budget, and steer clear of guest houses – particularly where the rooms are advertised to let by the hour!. Costs are already reasonable at Thailand hotels, so why risk your important vacation just to be disappointed, or worse have a bad time!

If you decide to be adventurous and book a guest house, but then it turns out not to be to your liking, don’t worry, offers great last-minute deals on Thailand hotels. Their easy-to-use site allows you to book online with instant confirmation and the support of a 24/7 Customer Service Centre.

If anyone has any Thailand guest house experiences please feel free to post a comment here of if you prefer send me an email at my Thailand golf vacation company and I will take care of the posting duties.

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