Summit Windmill Golf Club, Bangkok Thailand

Summit Windmill Golf Club, Bangkok Thailand

Summit_windmill_golf_bangkok_2Designed by Nick Faldo and opened in 1993, Summit Windmill Golf Club is one of the tougher tests of golf in Thailand with a back tee rating of 74.2, slope of 146 and measuring 6964 yards. The middle tees at a more modest 6211 yards have a rating of 70.2 but with a challenging slope of 132. Thus both mid handicappers and single digit players can challenge themselves by playing the appropriate tees.

A unique concept in Faldo’s design is that most of the tee boxes for the back tees are set up on little elevated islands. This course incorporates a substantial amount of mounding, and moguls, another facet not found in the local area courses. A couple of holes have split fairways and golfers may find that a perfectly straight tee shot is in fact in the rough with a side hill lie. Maybe this is a little frustrating, but this is what makes this course interesting and challenging.

First time golfers to this venue may find this design concept somewhat unnerving but subsequent rounds will be easier once the layout is understood. Bunkers are extensive and as is typical for most Southeast Asian golf courses.

Course conditioning is always very good despite the fact that it receives a lot of play (including night golf), being one of the closer courses to Bangkok. Water comes into play on many holes but generous fairways mean that players can swing relaxed. The first hole from the back tees will catch ones attention early as it measures 618 yards. But only 4 of the par 4’s measure 400 yards or longer, from the tips so yardage measurements are reasonable from the back tees and a tad short from the middle tees. But distance is not what this course is all about. The mounding, uneven lies and sloping greens are what capture your attention and some have described at least one of the greens as a potato chip shape which is a pretty accurate description.

The greens were in  generally good condition (a couple were thin and bumpy), rolling true but slower than courses like Green Valley and  St. Andrews and allot slower than Alpine Country Club and Thai Country Club.

Clubhouse facilities are excellent ranking probably in the top five in metro Bangkok. Caddies are very professional and well trained.

When golfing in Thailand, if you want to challenge your game make sure you play Summit Windmill, and if you are a single digit handicapper, make sure you play from the tips to challenge yourself to the fullest!

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  1. Mark
    It always amazes me how you miss out the most interesting points of these golf courses .
    Surely you know that Mr Faldo took his name off Windmill , because he was unhappy with the finished product ?
    And of course his only input , would have been to add his name.
    As with other “Faldo” courses in the region it was designed by IMG Design .
    Best Regards

  2. Hi Jock,
    You are right this is a very interesting point if true. I was under the impression that Faldo did have a hand in the design and only wanted his name off the course because of a payment and final layout dispute.
    If you could shed more light on this as well as IMG design and their relationship to Faldo it would be excellent.

  3. Yes you can wait 20 minutes between dishes sometimes! That’s Thailand! You have to adapt to the local culture, not the other way around.

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