Bangkok Golf – My 5 Favourite Courses (Part 1)

Bangkok Golf – My 5 Favourite Courses (Part 1)

My Favourite Bangkok Golf Courses: (Part 1 of 2)

Bangkok has an abundance of excellent golf courses located throughout the city and surrounding suburbs. Depending on how you count, there are approximately 75 full 18 hole courses that can be reached within around 1.5 hours or less from the center of the city. Deciding where to play during your Thailand golf holiday can often be difficult. So being a resident of Bangkok I thought I would write about and pass on information about  five of my favorite courses in Bangkok. Since some of my courses descriptions need a few paragraphs, I will write and post this article in two parts and post it over the next 2 days.

I appreciate everybody has different reasons for preferring a certain course, but below is a brief description of my favourite courses, but in no particular order. Here are the first two.

1.Lam Luk Ka Country Club is approximately 70 minutes from the center  of town and boasts an excellent 36 holes of golf, and is always in top condition.

There is plenty of water with well positioned bunkers than ensure accuracy of the tee is a must. Well designed greens, await your second shots, and if not accurate, then you are left with great difficulty in salvaging your par on the large, and undulating greens. Locals agree that the greens are some of the best maintained and fastest of any course in Bangkok. The one unique aspect is their lack of any graininess, which many of the courses in South East Asia suffer from. I enjoy both courses although the east course is slightly longer.

The clubhouse is also a plus as they have a very good Thai restaurant and if you have the time it will be a good bet to plan to have some light snacks there, after your round

2. Subhapreuk Golf Club is a Pete Dye designed course that is the the best hidden gem in Bangkok. Almost all visitors to Thailand ask “super what” when I recommend this course, as almost no one has ever heard of the course and certainly can not even pronounce the name. This course is definitely the most under marketed and least well known of all of my favorites in Bangkok.  Palm trees and water align many holes and as such, there is great emphasis on your driving. The second shots are challenging, yet fair. There is always a relatively easy way into the green as well as a more challenging tiger line for low handicappers who want some good birdie chances. The greens are in Pete Dye style, quite small and well guarded. However, they always play very true and are kept in great condition.

Not an overly long course, but a combination of the layout, and a well maintained and manicured course, makes this one of my favorites. As with Lam Luk Ka, the club house has an excellent with especially good selection of Chinese Dim Sum snacks for after golf. Additionally, the locker rooms are well maintained, sparkling clean, and gives you the feeling that you are at a 5 star hotel, rather than a golf course!

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