Golf travel: Seven little things that can stay with you (and keep you coming back for more)

Golf travel: Seven little things that can stay with you (and keep you coming back for more)

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference when traveling. It’s the small touches that together combine to make a lasting impression and stay with you long after you’ve arrived back home.

Of course, at Golfasian we’re very much aware of this when it comes to creating memorable golf holiday experiences. It’s the individual details that can elevate a golf vacation into the experience of a lifetime.

It’s something we focus on in creating personalized itineraries, drawing on our extensive local networks in the most popular Asian golfing hotspots, and it’s why we’re so keen on receiving customer feedback.

With that in mind, we’ve put together the following list of little things that can make a lasting impression for golf travelers.

  • First day – beyond getting off your flight and arriving at your accommodation, the first day of waking up in a new city brings with it the anticipation of discovery. The sights and sounds, the distinctive energy at street level, the local cuisine all await!
  • Teeing off first thing in the morning – lock in your tee time, enjoy a strong coffee before your round, breathe in the crisp clear morning air and savor the birds singing their morning song! Not a bad way to start the day!
  • Natural scenery – golf courses in Asia serve up a variety of exotic and memorable locations. From steep mountain vistas, to striking white stretches of coastline, absorbing it all throughout your round is part of the experience.
  • Getting the perfect photo – photos come and go in the digital age, however a well-timed snap is a great way to remember your holiday (and, of course, provide inspiration for your next one).
  • A cool drink after a round – beer, wine or soft drink. Whatever takes your fancy, nothing beats kicking back and enjoying a cool drink after a round!
  • Picking up the local lingo – learn how to say hello, goodbye and thankyou in a different language. Extra points if you can order a round of drinks!
  • Taking a stroll – exit your hotel, and then go left or right? Take the opportunity to stretch your legs and – be it wandering through a market, or grabbing a bite to eat – experience local life at street level.

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