Happy Birthday Golf America From Bangkok!

Happy Birthday Golf America From Bangkok!

Iraq_golf_wishes_from_thailandBeing an American golfer in Thailand I thought to devote this post to a good cause. First of all, to all golfers in the USA, Happy Independence Day!

American golfers celebrate this day not only with a morning round of golf, but also with afternoon family outings like backyard barbecues, picnics, trips to the beach, summer concerts and hot dog eating competitions, and of course glamorous fireworks displays held in both major cities and rural towns alike..

Second for those American golfers serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other combat zones thank you for all your efforts. And what relaxes a golfing soldier after hot sweaty duty better than a round of golf?  Well most can not afford the time for R&R in a golf oasis like Thailand, but they can do some driving at several makeshift ranges in Baghdad or even play at the TPC at Mosul South, the only golf course in a Middle Eastern combat zone.

The golf clubs used in Iraq have been scrounged from many sources: people’s personal collections as well as donations. Besides clubs, a whole lot of golf balls are used, as it is easy to loose balls in the desert setting.

Can you imagine that, a driving range and a golf course in the desert? Well these patriotic golfers need a little relaxation, exercise, and recreation and as such need your help. Read on!

A little known mission, “Tee Off For The Troops”, is supplying golf items to these golfers. It started with a few sets of golf clubs back in 2004 when Navy sailors wanted to tee off their ships, but now they have sent more than 50 golf sets to deployed troops all over the region.

You can donate your golf clubs and golf balls as well as boxes to ship the golf sets! Financial donations are also welcome and will help pay for the overseas shipping costs to mail the golf clubs. Additional information can be found on the Tee Off web site.

For those golfers in Iraq having some R&R time, why not head over to Thailand. You can golf everyday and relax every evening at one of the main golf destinations like Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket. For information on some summer special golf deals, drop me an email at my Thailand golf vacation company.

Happy Golf Birthday America!

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