Father’s Day Thailand Golf Gifts

Father’s Day Thailand Golf Gifts

Gclip_thailandFather’s Day, June 17 is just 2 days away and finding the perfect gift is no small feat, especially if your dad is a golfer. Even if you just want to drop a heavy hint to your kids for a great present, here are two inexpensive ideas for Thailand golf fathers:

1. All golfers in Thailand know how frustrating it is trying to keep track of the three items used on every hole — a ball marker, golf glove and Thai baht. The new G-Clip Compact Golf Tool provides a convenient solution to the problem of a lost ball marker,  misplaced glove or crumpled Thai Baht by combining a specially made grip on a simple frame, that also has a sturdy spring clip for your Thai baht needed at the rest stops found every 3 holes on most Thailand golf courses.

Ball markers are available in multiple colors and designs and include a re-mark indicator on the reverse side. Simply fasten the G-Clip to your belt, waistband, or pocket and never have to again fumble finding a ball marker, discover your glove was left lying back on the tee, or worse your Thai Baht blown away somewhere on the golf course!

2. The Green Fix Ball Mark Elimination tool is a simple product to improve golf greens by providing golfers the correct tool to properly repair ball marks. When on a Thailand golf package, your tool can even be lent to your Thai golf caddie for the round, thus allowing her to repair your pitch marks on the delicate greens found at most Thailand golf courses and most certainly to “brand” you as a “jai yen” (good hearted) golfer.  The green fix tool is equipped with a "depth limiting" short pronged ball mark repair tool, golfers use a simple "push" technique to repair ball marks quickly and properly. 

Green_fix_thailand The tool prevents the tongs from damaging the roots of the greens, which are less than one centimeter deep on most of the better golf courses using newer grasses. The new Red Mountain Golf Club in Phuket for example has just installed sea isle stain of grass, which while resistant to salt water, has a very delicate root system.

According to most golfers on a Thailand golf vacation, green quality is one of the biggest factors in decided how well they like each golf course and pitch marks on the greens are the most common complaint at the less well liked Thailand golf clubs. Most caddies take the time to fix ball marks, but they use a traditional ball mark repair tool and unintentionally do it wrong.  In fact, by using a traditional tool and fixing a mark, golfers are actually lifting the grass and killing the roots under the mark, resulting in dead grass and brown spots, which dramatically impacts a smooth putting surfaces.

With the Green Fix Wizard, a golfer or caddie simply holds the tool at a 45 degree angle and "pushes" around the outside edges of the pitch mark..  Next, the golfer taps down the mark firmly with a putter head, and the ball mark is repaired properly.  The prongs are too short for players to jab, lift, and twist, preventing golfers from damaging the root system on the ever so fragile Thailand greens.  The tool ultimately protects the roots, and expedites the healing process of the ball mark.

Bulle Rock Golf Club in the USA has recently banned traditional ball mark repair tools. In addition other USA courses including Medinah Country Club, Southern Hills Country Club , Greensboro Country Club, and Quintero Golf & Country Club are also doing the same. In time, I suspect some Thailand golf clubs may follow suit. So, why not you or your Dad get ahead of a growing trend, and receive a great Father’s day gift too. If nothing else you will be the hit of your golf group and receive brownie points for your care for the Thailand golf courses from your caddies.

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  1. That new tool looks like it will be great for the courses. Are they avaiable in LOS, and if so what is the cost? Looks like something the group should have. Ted

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