Golf’s Worst Foursome

Golf’s Worst Foursome

An assortment of golfing items for your pleasure today:

First, a golf trivia question for you (answer below): For all golfers in the USA who have established official handicaps, is the average handicap over or under 18?

Asamalexis20crop Second, congratulations to Tiger Woods (whose mother is of course Thai) and wife, Elin on the birth of their daughter, Sam Alexis Woods, born early Monday morning, June 18th only hours after the very exciting ending of the US Open and Tiger’s missed birdie on the final hole. How considerate of mother and daughter to wait until after the end of the US Open. Apparently, it is the first time Tiger has been happy to be par (Pa, geddit!)

Third, congratulations also to Angel Cabrera who won the US Open. He joins 1967 British Open Champion Roberto De Vicenzo as the only Argentines to win a major Championship. Here is what Angel had in his bag:

Driver – Ping Rapture 7.5 degrees
3 wood – Ping TiSi Tech 14 degrees
Hybrid – Nickent 3DX DC ironwood 17 degrees
Irons (3-9) – Ping S58 w/ Rifle 7.0 shaft
Pitching Wedge – Ping S58 47 degrees
Sand Wedge – Titleist Vokey spin milled 54 degrees
Lob Wedge – Titleist Vokey prototype 60 degrees
Putter – Ping Redwood Anser 35 inch long
Ball – Titleist Pro V1x

Last, an item that I read somewhere which amused me:

What is golf’s worst foursome? Answer: Monica Lewinski, O. J. Simpson, Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Why? Well, Monica is a hooker, O. J. is a slicer, Ted can’t drive over water, and Bill can’t remember which hole he played last.

Being a Brit, I have to propose my worst golf foursome as: Tony Blair (likely always to be found where there are Bushes), Gordon Brown (his score is never quite what it seems when you look more closely), John “Two Jags” Prescott (the Club secretary’s not safe, and he’s likely to biff you for saying so), and Alastair Campbell (too much spin). Oops, there goes my M.B.E.!

I’d really appreciate it if you could let me have your worst golf foursomes, with the reasons you chose them. Either post them, or email to me and I will do the rest.

Also, I will be speaking at a golf dinner later this year and if anyone out there knows a good golfing grace, e.g. “For what we are about to receive ……..”, I would love to hear it.

Play fast, swing slow!

Golf trivia question answer: The average handicap for all golfers in the US with established official handicaps is 17.3

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