So how much should you tip your caddie?

So how much should you tip your caddie?

Last year Taylor Gooch won his second LIV Golf event in the space of just two weeks winning a staggering US$ 12 million.

Spare a thought for his lucky caddie Australian Mal Baker who received around US$ 1.2 million, assuming he was taking the usual 10%.

Excellent work if you can get it, however as for us mere mortals who take in a round of golf in SE Asia, we often wonder how much to tip their beautiful female caddie at the end of their round.

Although the club gives them a percentage of the caddie fee, they really rely on our generosity to tip them at the end of the round.

Remember they probably don’t work every day, and having looked after you for 4-5 hours, driven your cart, cleaned your clubs and read the greens, often in hot or wet weather,  they do earn their bonus.

Mark Seigel MD at Golfasian recommends after your round-tipping them a minimum of US$10, however most expats tend to tip between US$15 – 20  especially if it is a hot humid day.

Of course, if you get a hole-in-one or a fistful of birdies maybe it would be a lot more.

And remember at least they tend to be a lot prettier than your average professional bagman!


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